Organizing and Starting Your Writing Project

Organizing and Starting Your Writing Project If you’ve ever been involved in a writing project that went off the rails after only a few pages, the odds are that the project manager did not spend sufficient time organizing the project before beginning the actual writing. The bigger the project, the more organization and planning it will take up front to ensure success. Even for small projects written by a single individual such as is done with most small business proposals getting organized up front is just as important.

In the organization phase, there are many questions that must be answered. These are all discussed below.

Who is the audience?

Sometimes, as in the case of answering an RFP (Request for Proposal) or applying for a grant from a specific committee, you have a very precise idea of who will read and judge your writing. In other cases, such as writing a report or a proposal for a product or service, you may need to gather information about the audience you will write for. Who are they? What do they already know? What do they need? What do they want to know?

You might need

Tips On How To Be A Better Writer

Tips On How To Be A Better WriterThroughout my writing journey, which started eleven years ago, I have learned a lot about writing. Since I have been working on getting published, I have learned even more. And I want to share with you what has made me a better writer.
Here are 10 Tips on How to be a Better Writer:
1. Be open to criticism.
Criticism, when given in the writing industry, is often given to help you, not criticize you. If an editor or agent scribbles a note on your query letter or in the margins of your story, pay attention to what it says because the fact that they took the time to actually jot it down for you is a big deal. Not many will do that, especially on a story they don’t want. And if you passed your story onto a trusted friend to read, listen to what they have to say even if it ruffles your feathers. After you cool down, you might realize that what they said was true and very helpful.
2. Never be afraid to rewrite.
We may hate it,

How To Improve Your Writing Skills And Write Effectively

How To Improve Your Writing Skills And Write EffectivelyI sincerely believe that as an affiliate marketer, the basics of writing effectively are a must, even if you may outsource your article writing. Once you have a website or blog, you will need to do some writing one way or another, so you might as well make a concerted effort to improve your writing skills. Writing effectively is not such a difficult feat to master if you can put in some effort and seek help from those who know better.

You don’t have to be an award winning writer to write effectively to the extent of having your own original articles published on article directories on the internet. The secret of writing effectively is to know exactly what you want to convey in your writing. So, mastery of the subject matter you are writing about is a must.

Secondly you need to write as simply as you can. How do you do this, you may well ask. Always try as much as possible to write in the active voice. For example, instead of writing: ‘the

Tips to Improve Your Writing

Great writing doesn’t happen by accident. Like any other art or trade, it requires lots of discipline, careful study, and a great deal of time. If you find yourself struggling every time you sit down at your laptop (or, if you’re more old fashioned, with a pencil and paper), you’re not alone. Every great writer struggles from time to time, but the ability to push through the rough spots usually helps you emerge better at your craft. Here are seven tips to help you improve your writing.

1. Do it Often

Think of writing like you’d think of running. You wouldn’t just wake up one morning and expect to run a marathon — you’d need to train and practice for a long time before you were able to go a long distance without difficulty. The same holds true for writing. You’ve got to write frequently — every day if you can. The more you do it, the more natural it feels, and the easier your thoughts will transfer to written (or typed) words. If you need inspiration or a prompt, there are many books and even more websites full of prompts for creative writers. Pick one and get going.

2. Rewrite


How to Write a Salesletter Even If You’re Not a Copywriter

 I wrote my first real salesletter back in 2002 in an effort to sell a tiny little music accessory (called an oboe reed) on the internet. By all accounts, the salesletter was terrible. Except that it sold a lot of our products. I was excited and thought it meant I knew something about writing copy.

As it turns out, I had stumbled onto the secret for writing effective copy, which I’ll reveal in just a moment.

While there are countless books written about how to write copy, many of them can be completely overwhelming. So at the risk of underwhelming you, what follows is probably the world’s shortest guide for how to write a salesletter.

It is written with a single focus: to give you a framework to follow, starting just 5 minutes from now, to write a salesletter even if you’re not a copywriter.

One tip before we jump in:

While writing a sales letter is about “writing,” it’s best not to put on your writing cap. Stop trying to “write” and simply transcribe what you would say if you were talking to a single person about what you have. That makes this process much easier.

So let’s get started…

STEP 1: Shine Your

Creative Writing For Kids A Great Endeavour

If you are one of the many parents who are seeking ways of helping your kids learn creative writing, and want them to enjoy writing, you are not alone! Writing is an essential life-skill and creative writing in personal letter, blog or research paper form can help students in all aspects of their lives.

There are various incentives parents can use to encourage creative writing for kids and one of them is with regard to their particular interests and everyday lives – a daily journal! The main point is to guide them into a creative writing habit and therefore, it is not important what their creative writing relates to, provided they are writing something! A daily journal should not concentrate too much on grammar, punctuation and spelling, which can be introduced at a later stage.

The criteria at this stage of creative writing are to stimulate a flow of thought and ideas, as well as allowing kids to enjoy themselves while writing. As they start with creative writing the imagination will be activated as woould an awareness of self expression. It becomes their personal world, and with this creative writing is a means of release for kids’ frustrations and

How To Write A Novel In A Month

It is not difficult to write a novel in a month if you do what the professionals do. Many writers such as Agatha Christie and Ian Fleming, for example, were able to churn out dozens of novels in their life time because they followed certain basic principles to write their novels in the shortest possible time.

The following are some of the ways that have proved to be effective in getting to write a novel in a month or less.

The first thing to do is to have a two sentence summary of the story you want to write, followed by the main characters of your story. This way you will be able to maintain focus about where you want to start and end your story. Next, it is advisable to decide beforehand the number of chapters your story will be divided into. If perhaps you want to have a twenty chapter story, then you will also have index cards on which you will write the number of each chapter of your novel. Behind the card, you will have a brief summary of the contents of the chapter.

Thirdly, you will then have to decide the point of view of the

Skills Required For Creative Writing

How does one become a skilled creative writer? This is an article which aims to explore outside the usual writing tips about technical ability, time management, vocabulary choices, etc. There are already thousands of articles and books, even classes on that subject matter.
Being creative comes naturally, for example, Frank Baum’s writings were based on what he dreamed. When we dream all the characters in the dream are created by our minds. It is said that each character in a dream is also a representation of the person dreaming. It is as if when we dream we are designing a storyline and are playing the roles of all personas involved. In this way, the skills required for creative writing can be likened to the subconscious dream-process of creating fictitious characters and being able to make up stories for them.

Anyone can dream, anyone can make up a story, however, getting in the zone, in touch with the imagination’s flow is easier for some than for others. One really should have a talent for it to start with, or else all the skills in the world will not help at all. Once you know for certain that you enjoy making

Introduction To Writing Quality Magazine Articles

 If you want to write magazine articles for a living, it can be a very lucrative industry to get into, if you do it right. Some magazines will pay several hundred dollars ( or a lot more) for a good quality and well researched article

But before you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) first you need to know the basics of writing good quality magazine articles.

First of all you have to know your market. This means having knowledge of what type of readers the magazine targets.

For instance, you might want to write an article for a women’s magazine. But first you have to know what type of women read the magazine.

Are they career women? Stay at home mothers? Young women? Older women? Oversized women?

You see, sometimes it’s not as easy as you think to know exactly what type of readers read which type of magazine.

There are even magazines aimed at writers but some are aimed at fiction writers while others are aimed at medical writers, non-fiction writers, online writers, SEO writers, copywriters – and the list goes on.

That’s why it’s so important to first of all know the type of readers that the magazine appeals to.


Professional Writers

Would you like others to appreciate your ideas and thoughts? Consider becoming a Writer. Discuss your thoughts and feelings with the world around and let others comment on your opinions. In this way you will be able to discuss information about a particular topic and also collect others Opinions. Who is a Writer?

A Writer is someone that writes a blog. A blog is an online publication that a writer can use to share his ideas, thoughts, expertise, or passions. Therefore, a Writer is someone that writes his ideas and thoughts online. Writing a blog is about self-expression. Professional Writers write about their lives, their experiences, their skills, their passions, and their views etc.

Writing VS Journalism:

Some people might think blogging and journalism are same; both are there to publish content online. But actually they are quite different.
A Journalist is someone who writes for a journal or paper, usually writing information keeping in minds every side of a tale. Journalists are needed to be impartial and to keep from expressing their views in news stories. Reporters also need to have a number of different resources before posting an article.
Blogging is not Journalism. Writing a blog includes self-expression. Journalism

How to Select Article Rewriter

Hey everyone. Most of online businesses nowadays are rapidly migrating to content marketing, that’s why this post is devoted to the most reliable article rewriter on the market. Are there any explanations? Well basically because there is a plenty of these programs! Trying to choose an article rewriter isn’t easy, and hopefully this short story will remedy that case.

Numerous bloggers are not sure if they require a text rewriter to make their business more efficient. Well, the answer is definitely Yes, and No at the same time. Writers don’t NEED one, but blogger’s life is much easier with one. Nowadays there’s no doubt that internet business brings income, but the question is how to get a noticeable one. For example – essay service) has become an effective business just from writing articles. And in fact it would be impossible to create a big online content marketing campaign without any kind of automation. Below there will be useful info about the very same tool which was used to create hundreds, if not thousands, of unique texts that Google absolutely LOVES – even if I know nothing about the subject.

Sound too good to be truth? Well it’s not. Further reading

How to Write an Instruction Manual or Handbook

Have you been assigned the job of creating an instruction manual or employee handbook? Are you wondering how to go about accomplishing this task?

Don’t panic. You probably already know all the information you need to include, or at least you know where to find it. Now all you need to learn is the process and the structure.

To start, write a description of the audience your manual or handbook is intended for. What do they know already? What do they need to learn? What are their goals? What are the goals of the manual or handbook? You may want to discuss this audience description and goals with colleagues or your boss to make sure you’re including everyone and planning to meet the needs of the organization.

Next, make a list of all the topics you need to include. Do these topics need to be in a specific sequence to be understood or learned? In other words, does one section build on information learned in the previous section? Or do topics / procedures need to be grouped by category, such as “Employee Benefits” or “Troubleshooting Procedures”? If so, order your topics accordingly. Then share your outline with others and request their

Writing Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Are you willing to write outside your comfort zone, or do you refuse to consider working with companies outside your sphere of experience? Many copywriters needlessly restrict their income when they don’t consider that *every* business is a potential market.
If you’re a copywriter, you can write copy for any business, even if you know nothing at all about that specific industry. For example, I regularly write copy for a heavy equipment manufacturer and a national hire company. I know zero about their businesses. I’ve also written for chemical manufacturing companies, medical supply companies, real estate developers — and I don’t know much about their businesses either.
As their copywriter, this is good. If they can explain a product or a service to me so that I can understand it, then I can explain and sell it to others. Knowing too much about something when you write about it can be a problem. You assume that your audience knows more than they do, and your copy goes right over their heads. If you think I’m saying that ignorance is good for a copywriter, you’re right.
Take your courage in both hands and write outside your comfort zone. Approach

How to Make a Living Writing Articles

A lot of the job opportunities of the past have given way to automation, but there are some things in life that computers just cannot do better than humans. Writing content is one of these things, and that’s why article writing has a huge potential for making a living. Article writing does however require sufficient knowledge in order to be able to pull it off correctly. Learn more about it below.

As an article writer, you always need to remember the audience and create content that relates to them. Entice readers to the site by providing relevant and current information. Try to understand what types of readers visit the websites and give them the information that is important to them.

Design inviting content that is tailored to individual readers. If the content peaks their interests, then they are more likely to continue exploring the site. You then have the opportunity to turn the visitors into buyers and that will ultimately lead to more revenue.

Be bold and powerful with your words. Readers want to know that the writer is really speaking their mind. To influence them even more, use strong wording to prove your point.

Ways To Repurpose Your Articles And Get More Traffic

Are you using these methods to repurpose and promote your articles?

The savviest marketers know how to re-use content they’ve already produced…

If you aren’t using these techniques, you are missing out on two simple ways to leverage the work you’ve already done and increase your traffic in the process.

1. Repurpose Articles Into A Free eBook

A fantastic (and incredibly easy) way to get more traffic and interest in your content is by taking your articles and compiling them into a free eBook. Even better is to take only your best articles and apply them within this scenario. This provides your readers with your very best content from the beginning, which increases trust and rapport (a critical piece of any business).

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t solely add articles to your eBook body and then call it a day. Add a few elements (or even remove a few unnecessary pieces) so the eBook flows a bit better and is more like a fresh piece of content. Every eBook or product you make should be slightly different from the last (at the very, very least). You should never only be repackaging things;

How To Capture Your Readers Attention

Lazy Minds Miss The Mark

Is it that our minds have gotten lazy or do we really have different learning styles as research has suggested? Are we more inclined to read a post or article when a video or picture is attached? As Writers, often times we lose our captive audiences due to lack of creativity.

BUT here is the probing question: who needs the healing and help? Is it the Writer who is sharing the message or is it the reader who is missing out on important information that can change his or her life?

Let’s Get To The Point

This is why we get straight to the point when transferring written information to our audiences. One rule of thumb is to immediately present what we want to address. This is called THE TITLE or HEADING and it helps the reader determine whether this article is something they want to read.

Depending on the length of your post, you might need to have sub titles in each set of paragraphs. An example of this can be found in this posting. The next script should capture within the first line of the insert,

Your Articles Must Convince Your Audience You Are An Expert

I remember receiving the advise that to be an expert, all you have to do is claim that you are an expert. That’s OK if you have a big ego, and believe that nonsense statement.

Another problem is to be found at the opposite end of the spectrum. People who are truly knowledgeable, do not like to display their knowledge for one of two reasons:

a. they do not want to appear boastful, or

b. they are afraid that others may steal their best “secrets.”

I personally feel that you should do your best to offer as much helpful content as you can, because most of your audience are going to be beginners who will welcome any information which addresses their specific questions. They need answers to move forward.

When you offer content that’s really good, and you are giving it away for free, you will establish such a strong feeling of appreciation on the part of your beginner readers, that when you offer your quality product for sale, they will practically feel obligated to buy it. Plus, they will know your product for sale is worth every penny you’re asking for it.

Discover How to Write High Quality Articles Fast

If you are working on driving traffic to your website by writing and publishing content such as article marketing, you will need to learn how to write quickly. This is a skill that is absolutely essential for you to master.

For instance, successful article marketers are usually able to write several articles in one hour. But if it takes you a whole hour to write just one article, you are at a considerable disadvantage.

What can you do about it? How do you increase your writing speed? Here are a few different methods you should make note of.

Write About a Topic You Know Inside Out

Never try writing about topics that you don’t know anything about. If you attempt this, you will find that your writing will be slow. You will need to double-check your information, and may even feel confused about some statement you’ve written. Thus your overall writing speed will suffer.

However, when you write about topics that you have full knowledge of, you will be able to write articles much faster.

Learn How to Type the Right Way

Many people develop poor typing habits which end up

Tips On How To Write An Excellent Memoir

Ever felt that you had a story to tell? Have you ever thought: “One day I will write my story. But how do I start? What shall I tell about and what shall I not? How do I tell it? Do I tell it in the first person or in the third person? What is the purpose of me writing it? Is it for my own benefit only? Can others benefit from it? Who would read it? Who would be my audience?”

Well, these are typical questions that one would ask, and they are good questions. It is a good idea to answer them for first.

There are two ways one can approach this dilemma:

1. You can start writing your story without planning and see where it takes you; just flow with it. Don’t think too much. Just write what comes to your mind as if you were telling this story to a good friend; one story leads to another, and one story may remind you of something else etc.

2. Plan ahead. Determine what your purpose is for writing your memoir. Once you formulate your purpose you have some ground to start with and a direction. The next step

Learn To Write Copy In Minutes With These Five Secrets

 I’m hoping you know the basics, but I’ll break it down for you. Read and research the product your copywriting for at least five times, (great copywriters usually do eight to ten times.) While you read write down bullet points about benefits or features about your product. These bullet points will practically do your copywriting for you. Use your bullet points to develop three headlines and then test and pick the best one. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg and not even the first page of “Begin Copywriting Today”.

Secret 1 – Create Hope
People want a product that will fix all their problems. You are basically telling people what they want to hear, promising them the world. Don’t go overboard or you’ll be seen as fake. Also offering a money back guarantee helps out greatly here. A good example would be after you read my begin copywriting today five secrets you’ll easily earn six figures. Over the top, but it’s just an example.

Secret 2 – Cause a Sense of Urgency
Notice how every product online is either going up in price tomorrow or only has five more seats left? People really don’t want to risk missing