Learn To Write Copy In Minutes With These Five Secrets

 I’m hoping you know the basics, but I’ll break it down for you. Read and research the product your copywriting for at least five times, (great copywriters usually do eight to ten times.) While you read write down bullet points about benefits or features about your product. These bullet points will practically do your copywriting for you. Use your bullet points to develop three headlines and then test and pick the best one. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg and not even the first page of “Begin Copywriting Today”.

Secret 1 – Create Hope
People want a product that will fix all their problems. You are basically telling people what they want to hear, promising them the world. Don’t go overboard or you’ll be seen as fake. Also offering a money back guarantee helps out greatly here. A good example would be after you read my begin copywriting today five secrets you’ll easily earn six figures. Over the top, but it’s just an example.

Secret 2 – Cause a Sense of Urgency
Notice how every product online is either going up in price tomorrow or only has five more seats left? People really don’t want to risk missing out on a deal or great product.

Secret 3 – Appear as an Authority
You need to be the guru of your subject. Your the guy who made $5 million in five sales letters and are sharing your copywriting secrets with the world.

Secret 4 – Appear Unbiased
Appear as a third party, just promoting it with an honest review. Your just the nice guy trying to help out. This can be greatly helped by pointing out a negative aspect or two. Some of the greatest copywriters actually start off their sales letter with a negative aspect.

Secret 5 – Encourage Fear
Make them feel as if they buy a similar product, it will be a horrible scam or a waste of their money. This can tie in nicely to causing a sense of urgency if you know how to word it right.

Extra Secret – Be Very Unusual
Everyone has been sold to the same way over and over again. If you can be creative and unusual, even in an off the wall way, you will be able to write great copy.
To better writing