Ways To Repurpose Your Articles And Get More Traffic

Are you using these methods to repurpose and promote your articles?

The savviest marketers know how to re-use content they’ve already produced…

If you aren’t using these techniques, you are missing out on two simple ways to leverage the work you’ve already done and increase your traffic in the process.

1. Repurpose Articles Into A Free eBook

A fantastic (and incredibly easy) way to get more traffic and interest in your content is by taking your articles and compiling them into a free eBook. Even better is to take only your best articles and apply them within this scenario. This provides your readers with your very best content from the beginning, which increases trust and rapport (a critical piece of any business).

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t solely add articles to your eBook body and then call it a day. Add a few elements (or even remove a few unnecessary pieces) so the eBook flows a bit better and is more like a fresh piece of content. Every eBook or product you make should be slightly different from the last (at the very, very least). You should never only be repackaging things; this is a waste of your time and certainly that of your subscribers.

As with any free content of massive value, you should ask your viewers for their email address before you provide the gift. This is a win-win; readers are getting high quality content for free, and you’re getting an email address through which to keep in touch.

Make a simple squeeze page with only one option once viewers arrive: subscribe or close the window. If you leave more options than this, people are far less likely to subscribe at all.

2. Repurpose Articles Into A Free eCourse Or Autoresponder Series

The second best way to repurpose your articles is to turn them into a free eCourse or autoresponder series.

When people sign up for your email list, they’re expecting whatever you outlined in the email subscription form. What’s even better is going above and beyond and surprising them with free content they had no idea was coming. Creating and sustaining trust early on in your business is vital, because potential customers want to know you care about them, not just getting their money.

Building a real relationship with subscribers is often about providing more than they’ve asked for (or given) in terms of money. When value exceeds cost is when you’re on the right path.

To be professional and safe, remember to include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of all your emails. This keeps you free of the hassle of spam complaints.